Monday 4.13

*Late edit: There is supposed to be ABSURD storm weather coming through in the AM. Please be careful if you for any reason are going to be out and about!

I have said it multiple times this past month plus, but I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone for your support, understanding, and all of your taking part in the VirtualWODs and the LandoFit Challenge. We have a wonderful community and this will be over before you know it.

Honest talk here. I know we have no idea what is really going to happen, but May 1/May 4 is getting closer by the week. That’s just science. And that is what many experts say is when we get to reopen. Ladies and Gents, that is 3 weeks away. Imagine 3 weeks and we all get to be in the gym, hugging, rubbing against each other, sharing barbells…

OK maybe not all that, but we might be getting back together sooner than it’s been since we last were ripped apart. Think about it!

Thank you again. You are all the best.


STRENGTH: Overhead Squat

– Reminder…if you do the workouts on your own later in the day use the 7am recorded workout for information on the workouts and the movements. If you want you can follow along with the recording for extra motivation! Just check in the Virtual WOD drop down under ‘Workouts and Challenges’ by 830ish each morning.

Core Work : Max Reps Each Section
45s Forearm Plank
30s Plank Jumping Jacks
– rest 15s
45s Hollow Hold
30s Hollow Rocks
– rest 15s
45s Straight Arm Plank
30s Knee to Elbow, knee to opp. elbow
– rest 15s
45s Seated Hold
30s Russian Twists
– rest 15s
60s ME Situps
60s Alt. Supermans
60s Alt. Lemons

WOD (All): EMOM 10
10 Mountain Climbers
5 Push-ups
10 Jumping Squats
3 Burpees
(Rx+ = +1 Burpee each minute, S/L1 = 2 Burpees Each Min)
– Rest 1 Full Minute then 2m AMRAP V-Ups

Extra Work
1. EMOM 10m: 3 Squat Clean

2. EMOM 10m
10 KB Swing, full OH
10 KB Good Morning (held at chest)

3. 100 Push-ups, no time