Monday 6.8 : Monument Fitness

Landos and others reading this. This is a copy and paste from the member email sent out tonight. I know this is a bit of a cop out but I think it says everything I need to say.

It’s an incredibly crazy time right now. I never thought in my wildest of thoughts that during such a time where injustice against marginalized people, with the Black Lives Matter movement at the forefront, would end up with CrossFit the brand and company right in the center of the fray. But here we are.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what I might be talking about I am not going to give a whole backstory here, but I urge you to google “Greg Glassman comments” or some iteration of that and then educate yourself. Greg Glassman is the founder and CEO of CrossFit the brand and unfortunately he made some incredibly insensitive comments in emails and a tweet that are just beyond badly worded, badly timed, and have served as the tipping point in what has been a boiling cauldron of discontent amongst people involved in the CrossFit community from the business side of things.

What I find very unfortunate about this all is that something Stacey and I have grown to love and lived many of our best years in, CrossFit as a brand and as a thing, is being torn down as we speak because of bigotry. What I find also very unfortunate is because of a careless leader’s comments the fitness world is being distracted from the real matter at hand (see racial injustice, marginalized communities, police brutality) and is having to deal with a tidal wave of change on this Sunday.

However it is what it is, and as a business leader myself along with my partner Stacey Kroon, we have to make a statement and take a stand.

I said as much on Friday night when talking about the “Big Floyd” workout. This business is a friend to all people. As the leaders of this business we believe in treating all people who are human beings with respect. Black, white, brown, man, woman, straight, gay, whatever you might be, if you are a human being you are welcome in our community and will be treated with respect just like anyone else. Only if and when you prove that you do not deserve that respect will you be treated differently and then you will simply be shown the door.

Greg Glassman and CrossFit the business have long been known amongst insiders to be under the surface bigoted, sexist, and a cowboy act. They seem more interested in fighting and proving they are right than spreading positivity and the love of fitness that most of us involved got involved to start with. It is time that we show CrossFit the door.

Introducing Monument Fitness!

Now talk about your timing. A lot has gone on behind the scenes with this business in the past year. Stacey and I bought out my partners to wholly own the business and completed this process recently (great timing I know). Over the year we have talked about ending our relationship with the name CrossFit from a business perspective. We felt there were more people out there who needed functional fitness (which is what CrossFit is) but were scared off by CrossFit because of misconceptions about what it was. Now with all that has gone on we have no reason to stay associated with the name and will not have it as part of this business any longer. We will be de-affiliating from CrossFit as of tomorrow, though that is really just a technicality.

Charlestown has always been our home and will be our home forever. The Charlestown Monument and just the word Monument has been a part of this neighborhood, so what better way to link our great community to this great part of Boston?

This is the name we will be from now on. This has been in the works for over 6 months with the logos being finished about 2 months ago. We are getting all new signs, logos in the gym along with the lobby redo, and a brand new apparel line that is going to be sick. The important thing you need to know as members is everything you loved about CrossFit Lando Charlestown is staying exactly the same. CrossFit is just a name that Greg Glassman made 20 years ago when trademarking his fitness idea. The idea of using functional fitness as high intensity interval training, which is what CrossFit is, is just a way of working out, and will continue to be the base of what we do every day. Nothing changes other than the name and use of the word CrossFit.

CrossFit classes will get a new name eventually, but the programming will still be the same great product. We will be adding many things especially to the VirtualFit brand and renovations but you need not worry about losing anything about what you have grown to love about this gym. All that you are losing is the association with an out of date, classless, bigoted organization and individual who shot from the hip one too many times and we all just had enough.

CrossFit is more than a name. It is a community. That goes for CrossFit Lando as well. I cannot say we aren’t somewhat sad about ending our association with the name and its great history, but we are very excited about what is to come. And for the record I have always hated how my name has been part of the name of the gym. We just couldn’t get an affiliate name approved by CFHQ and Stacey’s sister one day just said we should call it by my given CrossFit name. It stuck.

Like CrossFit Lando Charlestown, Monument Fitness will always be known as a great community where you can find the best fitness classes in Boston. We will also start being known for being at the forefront of many new things in this industry, from involvement in social justice reform to new ways to bring fitness to the masses the only way we know how.

Change is never easy, but this is a change that has been a long time coming and is going to be a great one immediately. Starting now say goodbye to CrossFit Lando, hello Monument Fitness, and know that we have and always will be a friend to any people and any movement seeking equality for human beings. Black Lives Matter.

Thank you for reading another very long post.


Core: 2 Rounds, 1:00 each
2 Dead Bug + 2 Hollow Rocks
2 Hydrants + 2 Armlifts
2 Side Plank Dips + 2 Side Plank Twists (r)
2 Side Plank Dips + 2 Side Plank Twists (l)

WOD: 2:00/1:00r
Rounds 1, 3, 5
2 Push-ups
2 Dbl Mountain Climbers
2 Burpees
2 Jumping Squats
+ 1 rep each round

Rounds 2, 4
Double Around The World Lunge
(2 Forward, 2 Side, 2 Back)

Monday, June 8
Strength: Front Squat

WOD: 15-12-9
Deadlift 225/155
Box Jumps 24/20

S: 135/95, Step Ups
L1: 185/135
Rx+: 245/165, 30/24

Extra Work
1. EMOM 12m
2 Squat Clean

2. 100 Hollow Rocks