FIT AND FABULOUS NUTRITION PROGRAM : Your nutrition and weight loss guide

It is an investment in your health. An opportunity to live the very best version of yourself. I joined the CrossFit community at CrossFit Lando February 2019 seeking to lose weight and get fit….Stacey’s ‘Fit & Fabulous’ program that accelerated my journey. Not only did I lose the weight, but I gained strength, confidence, and nutritional education. One year later I have lost and kept off 35 pounds, a true lifestyle change that my whole family has adopted and enjoys!


…A few weeks into the program I was more and more confident about eating right, my energy was regulated throughout the class and the day in general, and I could lift stronger than ever!  You have to want it; there’s no doubt about that, but Stacey’s knowledge, motivation, and determination for you to succeed will undoubtedly get you there!


I signed up for Stacey's 8-week program and had never counted macros, but had done every other diet out there (and had a 20-year history of binge eating to prove it.) Working with Stacey changed my relationship with my body and with food that will stay with me for life. She taught me how to fuel my body for strength and most importantly—consistently nourish it. In just 8 weeks I saw more muscle definition and lost inches from my stomach. But the BIGGEST change was that I learned to trust myself around food. This has been critical to maintaining my success. Stacey is the advocate, coach, and cheerleader you want in your corner when it comes to making positive changes in your life when it comes to your health and nutrition. 

Laura H.

…The program she offers is something that I plan to use for years to come, and I cannot thank her enough. So far I know at least four other people whom she has helped, as she did for me, and I know they are just as thankful. I cannot recommend her program enough!!!”


The way the program is laid out makes it easy…you just have to follow your plan. The best part is it is made so I will be able to maintain my success long after I stop getting the personalized coaching. It really makes you feel like the program, the coach, the whole gym is truly invested in you improving yourself and not just making you another number and client.



Nutrition and weight loss consulting are a big part of what we do here at Monument Fitness Charlestown. As a Fit and Fabulous client you will get 8 weeks of hands on, personalized nutrition and weight loss coaching from a coach who has decades of experience in the field of health and wellness. Your experience entails:

  • Starts with a face to face meeting to go over history, goals, and needs for your 8 Week Plan.
  • Text and email connection with your coach for any questions that arise or just a good old motivational talk when needed.
  • Fully personalized plan from start to finish with changes made throughout as needed depending on your progress and lifestyle needs.

We want the results to last well beyond whenever your work with your coach ends. This is truly meant to be a life long, life changing experience, not just a do what you’re told revolving door. By learning the value and role that food plays in your health and wellness you have a much better chance for success.

After 8 weeks you graduate and have the choice to continue through another round or maintain on your own. You will have your body composition measurements done at the start and finish of each 8 week cycle so you can see the changes over time!

Spots are limited to ensure the quality is met for each client, so if you are interested fill out the form below ASAP!

Fit and Fabulous Nutrition Program

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