Saturday 4.18 : Donate Through Nutre Meals “Feeding Heroes”

Use Lando20 for 20% off home delivery of fresh prepared meals from Nutre Meals.


Some of you may have missed our various posts and shout outs to Nutre Meals and their “Feeding Heroes” program. It’s their direct charity that takes meals you can pay for that specifically feeds doctors, nurses, admins, and other hospital workers at local Boston area hospitals fighting the good fight. Literally every $10 you donate makes 1 meal and they have countless pictures and videos of them delivering meals to hospitals. It’s awesome.

CrossFit Lando donated $1000 and personally saw our 100 meals go out the next day. Not sure about you but we felt the desire to help but didn’t know how with COVID fears growing. I find many times during times of need that I want to help or donate but don’t know where to turn, or find charities but can’t find exactly where my money goes. Not the case here. Local company, simple process, physically see how your money is spent. To go to their donation page just click here.

Also shout out Nutre Meals for their awesome service day to day. They deliver to the gym (when open) and will deliver now to your home or office wherever you may be.

Use LANDO20 for 20% off your first week!

Notes on Today: Keeping with Saturday traditions we have the usual Low Bar Back Squat 5×5 for anyone with a bar at home. Then we have the new usual long ass, awesome, core, cardio, everything workout for those of you following along with the WODs.

10am we all know you have nothing to do. Sign onto Zoom and follow along!…I mean come on we have movements called a “Butt Up” to start it off!!!

STRENGTH: Low Bar Back Squat
5-5-5-5-5, then EMOM 5m: 1 Pause, 3s in bottom

VirtualWOD : 1 Big Happy WOD

2 Rounds, 1:00 per element
Hand Release Push-ups
Squat Hold (parallel)
Plank Push-ups
Jumping Squats
– Rest

2 Rounds, 1:00 per element
High Knees
Up Downs
Jumping Jacks
Side to Side Squat Hops
Step Back Alt. Lunges
– Rest

2 Rounds
Straight Arm Plank Toes Touches
“” “” 2 Step Shuffle
Double Mountain Climber
– Rest 1 min

Extra Work
1. EMOM 14m
O: 5 Power Clean, heaviest able
E: 8 Back Rack Lunges (4/4)

2. Accumulate 5:00 in a forearm plank
– Every break perform 10 Burpees