Saturday 4.25

Saturday VirtualWODs are becoming a hit you don’t want to miss! 35 minutes of non stop work not including your warmup and core. It’s truly an experience and a GREAT way to start your weekend. Get up (it isn’t really that early) and get logged into Zoom and come see familiar faces from the bygone era when we could workout together.

Speaking of I have a very good inkling that we are going to be working out together in May and I mean the first half of May. Stay tuned and check emails in the next week. More info will be talked about there. Something to look forward to for sure!


STRENGTH: High Bar Back Squat
5-5-5-5, then EMOM 5m, 2 reps with 5s pause in bottom

VirtualWOD: Saturday Special!

2 Rounds, each element 1:00
Straight Arm Plank Around The World Raises
Reverse Plank Knee to Chest
Bridge Up (L)
Bridge Up (R)
V-Up to Alt. Lemon

Push Up to Shoulder Tap (each side)
Mountain Climbers
Jumping Squat to Jumping Lunges
Squat High Kicks
Quarter Squat Shuggle

THEN 2 Rouds
Jumping Lunge to Stand
High Knees
Quarter Squat Up and Down
Donkey Side to Side Hops


Extra Work
1. Split Jerk
EMOM 8m : 2 Reps
– Right into
2. Overhead Squat
EMOM 8m : 2 Reps
– Right into
3. 5m AMRAP
3 Wall Climbs
3 Power Clean 185/135