Saturday 4.4 : LandoFit Challenge 2020 Rolls On!

We are coming up to the end of the 2nd week of the LandoFit 2020 believe it or not. The time warp that is COVID-19 quarantine time is starting to spread out a bit, at least in my mind, and getting some sense of normalcy established.

If you haven’t listened to our podcast, Getting Woked with Lando featuring Stacey Kroon, then I encourage you to do so (and SMASH the “subscribe” button for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts. Just all 4, please, is all I ask!). But I encourage you to listen because each episode we discuss health and fitness topics specific or pertinent to what is going on right now.

In our episode just recently Stacey shares her insights on how to manage your nutrition during such a situation as quarantine and how plans are super important. Having a plan is one of those things I think everyone gives an “oh yeah, of course!” when they hear someone say you should do it, but then 1% of people in the whole world actually follow that advice.

In episodes 9 and 10, worth a listen in their entirety at some point, we talk about making a plan and how to start your morning with health and fitness in mind. Without getting into the subjects of the episodes right here just know that we discuss with evidence how a plan and sticking to it helps for one reason because it establishes routine. Routine establishes normalcy. Normalcy helps keep sanity. It’s that simple.

All kidding aside it really is.

Let’s get the weekend started off right. Get in the Virtual Lando and get your butt kicked at 10am!!!


Strength: Low Bar Back Squat

WOD (with or without equipment is the same)
2 Rounds
1 Minute Single Leg RDL (right)
1 Min Single Leg RDL (left)
1 Min Side Lunge (L)
1 Min Side Lunge (R)
1 Min Jumping Lunges
– Rest 1 Min
then 2 Rounds
1 Min Hollow Rocks
1 Min Side Plank (L)
1 Min V-Ups
1 Min Side Plank (R)
1 Min Dead Bug
– Rest 1 Min
then 2 Rounds
1 Min Hand Release Push-ups
1 Min Burps
1 Min Up Downs
1 Min Plank Push-ups
1 Min Burpees
– Rest 1 Min