Saturday 5.2 : Get Woked With Us

Looking for something to listen to? How about when out for a walk in this beautiful weather weekend? Or just hanging out and need a few laughs, maybe some anger, or something to think about?

Getting Woked is our podcast that has been a bit of a pet project of mine with much help from Stacey. Every episode is a learning experience, from content to production to format. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s grown so much in just the 2-3 months we have been doing it that I did a lot of restructuring this past week. In a way the newest episode is a “Season 2” as the content will be a bit looser as Stacey is letting me out of my restraints and the format is going to be the opposite, tight and easy to follow.

So we both would really appreciate the support of giving it a listen, rating it if you like it on Apple or whatever other place you listen to podcasts, and subscribe. All those things help us grow in so many ways. I was never into the podcast game until I started doing this and it’s shocking how much is involved in the whole process of everyone and everything involved.

You can access Getting Woked here, or from the main page of this very website, or searching for it on any major podcast hosting service (Apple, Stitcher, iHeart, Google, Spotify, etc).

Thank you for all your support with everything we do, in particular this today.

SATURDAY : We got our weekly Saturday long burner coming up. I want to see some new faces. Let’s get after it!

STRENGTH : Low Bar Back Squat

VirtualWOD (All)
Each element = 1:00 AMRAP
2 Rounds
Inch Work + Push-up
V-Up + Lemon
Hand Release Push-ups
Straight Arm Plank Side Steps (2×2)
Straight Arm Plank Jumping Jacks
2 Rounds
Back Lunge Knee Drive Hop, L
Back Lunge Knee Drive Hop, R
Single Leg RDL, L
Single Leg RDL, R
2 Rounds
High Jumps
Plank Push-ups
Baby Squats
Shoulder Taps
High Knees

Extra Work
1. EMOM 10m
1 Squat Snatch + 1 OHS with 5s Pause in bottom

2. 100 Situps + 100 KB Swings eye high (heavy) + 100 Good Morning (BW)