Saturday 8.1

Gentle Reminder
Coronavirus is real. It is very much real. We can debate how deadly and real it is another time in the sense of how much it really affects healthy, able people, but that is not the debate for this moment. There is no debate. It is a real thing that hurts people very badly, also known as KILLING people. While it might not hurt fit, healthy people as much as people with pre existing health issues including obesity, everyone in this community could come in contact with someone who could be affected by this virus more so and then cause a possibly irreparable catastrophe in that person’s life.

Bottom line is please wear your masks and follow our rules. Everyone has been great TO THE PERSON in this community with doing what we have asked. This is just a reminder that this is going to continue for a little while at least. Just because things seem to be better around us in our immediate sphere doesn’t mean the seriousness isn’t still right outside our doors. Please be responsible with coming to the gym based on who and what you have been in contact with before, wash your hands meticulously, WEAR YOUR MASKS even when not in the gym, and when here follow all our rules.

Just continue being awesome like you all have been. Stick with us for a little while longer and we will all make it through this together and be more awesome for it!

Strength: Thruster

5 Hang Power Clean 115/75
7 Hand Release Push-ups
35 Double Unders

S: 75/55, 70 Singles
L1: 95/65, 25 Double Unders
Rx+: 135/95

Extra Work
1. Low Bar Back Squat

2. EMOM 8m
7 Burpee Double DB Snatch

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