Saturday 8.15

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This is easily my favorite rap song ever. Mainly because the video and the one dude can’t be more than 16.


Strength: Low Bar, 12 minutes

Strength 2: 12m AMRAP
20s Hollow Hold
20s Plank Hold
20 Plank Pushups
20 Knee to elbow
10 Around the World

WOD: 3 round Kelly
Run 400m
30 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Wall Ball

S: Run 200m, 15 reps
L1: 20 Reps
Rx+: Run 600m

Extra Work
1. Clean
EMOM 10m: 3 reps, tng

2. Row 1000m AFAP, try for PR, then immediately after perform 30/24 Cal AB AFAP

VirtualWOD: Click here for Virtual WOD