Saturday 9.19: Make the V (Snatch/OHS pertinence)

We have snatched often recently, especially on Fridays. Something I have noticed that I think would be helpful to most everyone. Even if this doesn’t affect you now it is good to know.

Pay attention to where your hands are when snatching. We say that generally you want them wide enough so with your bar at your waist your arms are totally straight. This will be different in effectiveness for everyone, however, based on flexibility, strength of the shoulders and upper back, and body awareness. If you feel that at times when snatching and/or overhead squatting that your shoulders are caving in/down on top of you, most likely your hands are TOO far apart.

It’s a fine line between being too far and too close together with your hands. In general for all movements overhead the closer our hands are the stronger we are in terms of the force we can put into the bar with our arms. The wider our hands are the shorter the range of motion, the more flexibility most of us have to go back, but also it is weaker in terms of pure overhead strength/stability. This last part is due to the fact we cannot engage our scapula (shoulder blade) and muscles around that area with our hands at a certain width. These parts of our back are very important for stabilizing a bar overhead with the snatch and overhead squat.

So if you feel that you are doing things correctly with these movements but still have the bar crashing down onto you, try scooting your hands closer together. I’m talking maybe an inch at the most. The best way to determine if you have this right is looking from the back at upper back, shoulders, and arms. If they are making a kind of U-shape, then your hands are too wide. If they are making a V-shape, then you are perfect. However if your V is good but your feel like something isn’t right you might be TOO close. Hence that fine line.

If you think this applies to you try changing it up next time we overhead squat or snatch. This happens often with taller, longer people because we tend to think we need our hands so far out because of arm length, but often times it becomes too far to engage as stated above.

And that is your education for the night.

SATURDAY: Coach Ryan’s Birthday WOD
Strength 1: Pull-ups
1 Attempt every 2:00 for 5 Sets @ max Kipping/Jumping Pull-ups

Strength 2: EMOM 10m
4 Walking Lunges (total) front rack (from floor)

WOD: Coach Ryan’s WOD
15 Squat Snatch 95/65
Assault Bike 25/20 Cal
15 Squat Snatch
Assault Bike 20/15 Cal

S: 65/45, 20/15, 15/10 Cal
L1: 75/55
Rx+: 135/95

Extra Work
1. High Bar Back Squat

2. EOM x8
Row 300/260m

Core Work: 3 Rounds
40 V Ups
50 Flutter Kicks
40 Sea Turtles

WOD: 21-15-9-6-3
KB Swings, full OH (if no KB use DB or some similar weight and do Ground to OH)
Goblet Squats
Single Mountain Climbers (each leg)