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Founder, Head of Programming and Coach Development at Monument Fitness

Aaron is a professional coach. He has coached CrossFit for 8+ years and was previously a Division 1 baseball coach for 4 years, giving him over a decade of high level and diverse coaching experience.

Aaron has himself competed at many levels of sport, from college baseball to the Reebok CrossFit Games. He has coached athletes at all levels of fitness, from beginners to athletes in the CrossFit Games and CrossFit Regionals.

Education: Brandeis University: BA, Sociology, 2006
Boston University: M.Ed, Sport Psychology, Coaching Principles, 2009

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Powerlifting, USAW Level 1 Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, IFA Sports Nutrition.












Co-Owner, Operations Manager, Head Coach

One look at Stacey’s resume in competitive functional fitness and one is immediately wowed. She has competed at the highest levels of sport, having placed 9th and 12th at the Reebok CrossFit Games in 2009 and 2011 respectively. Since 2008, Stacey has competed at the CrossFit Regionals 9 times, 8 times as an individual athlete placing in the top 10 for 7 of 8 years, and once as a member of Team Lando (2015). Her 9 consecutive years qualifying in the Northeast is unmatched by any female athlete since the start of the Open system in 2011.

What is truly special about Stacey, however, is as a coach she shines twice as bright as she does as an athlete. She is the leader of a coaching staff that has been awarded “Best of Boston” by Boston Magazine multiple years, and individually is the best group fitness coach in the city and arguably in existence. She is unmatched in her ability to educate and inspire all comers, from reluctant newbies to proven competitors like herself. Truly part of the heart and soul of CrossFit Lando, Stacey embodies the spirit of what makes a great coach.

Stacey is also the founder and head of Fit and Fabulous Nutrition Consulting run through Monument Fitness.

Education: BS, Exercise Science, summa cum laude, Keene State College, 2005

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Gymnastics and Advanced Gymnastics CrossFit Nutrition CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA.

A coach at Lando for 2 years, Kyle brings a unique experience to his classes with a background in physical therapy and athletic training. He works as an athletic trainer at St. John’s Prep in Danvers, MA and works with high school athletes in CrossFit there as well. He brings a patience and wellness centric approach to his coaching that resonates with athletes of all ability levels.

Education: BS, Physical Therapy, Springfield College


Ryan comes to our coaching staff fresh in 2019 but has been a long time member of the Lando community. He joined CrossFit Lando Woburn in 2015 after a life filled with sport and fitness. 3 sport athlete in high school, 11 years of coaching high school sports at the JV and Varsity level, 4 as the Head Coach for Boy’s Soccer at Malden Catholic HS. Sport has been with Ryan his entire professional life and much before it.
Almost more applicable though is his 15+ years as a high school teacher. Ryan currently teaches History at Woburn High School, having earned his BS in History and Social Studies from Fitchburg State College. He went on to study and receive his MA in History from Salem State in 2008.
The combination of teaching and sports has lead Ryan to a love for CrossFit and fitness. This quickly evolved into a desire to teach others the same love he has for fitness which we gladly took on at CrossFit Lando.

Lauren has been a part of our community since our first year, joining as a member in 2013. She has been a special part of our community from the beginning, seeing a major transformation as a person and athlete…just see her picture on our before and after board. She also introducing us to her then boyfriend, now husband, Kyle Hicks, who is now known as Coach Kyle who has been a firm part of our stable of coaches for 3+ years.

She comes to us with a wealth of experience in the health and wellness industry. She has been a coach for years, softball and fitness, and a educated to the highest level with a PhD from the MGH School. She has since been working as a physical therapist for years which she brings to us on our staff.

Lauren will be coaching classes for us and is available for PT consulting at both gyms. Injury, pain, nagging issues, Lauren can help you with anything you need. We are lucky to have her on our staff!


A lifelong athlete, Courtney moved to Boston from Chicago in January 2016.  Her love of competition, like many, lead her to CrossFit Lando where she quickly fell in love with the community and sport.

Courtney graduated from University of Kansas with a degree in History. She loves helping others reach their full potential and is fascinated with the many different ways to cue athletes to reach that potential. She currently works at Education First in Cambridge and loves dropping in to boxes overseas.

Dan is another Coach who cut his teeth as a member at Lando for years before jumping into the teaching realm. He found CrossFit when he was self described as “50 pounds over weight eating sandwiches and drinking beer” and needed a change. Now he is one of the hardest working around the gym, making him a natural leader as a Coach.

He is a native of New Hampshire and attended Endicott College both for undergrad and his MBA which he finished in 2010. Dan is lucky where he truly loves his job and where he works. He was one of the original employees of CarGurus and still works there, now as a Senior Sales Manager.

Dan has some interesting athletic/competition parts to his life including, but not limited to, playing on a nationally touring softball team which had his Dad as a teammate, and being a nationally ranked 9 pin bowler, almost going to college for the sport back in the day. Not to be forgotten is he was a sponsored paintball player and traveled around the country playing in tournaments.

Truly a bit of everything coming from Dan. We are lucky to have such a unique guy as part of our staff and you are to learn from him each week!

Jen has been an avid fitness practitioner since finding CrossFit in 2012. She is passionate about nutrition and exercise science as she has a degree in Community Health Education with a focus in Nutrition from Southern New Hampshire University. Jen has competed in numerous USAW and CrossFit meets and competitions respectively. In her spare time she works for a non profit feeding people in need in the city of Boston.


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