Thursday 3.26 : Getting Woked

Something to do with the extra time you probably have is listen to Stacey and I blab, argue, discuss, and teach on our podcast Getting Woked w/Lando feat. Stacey Kroon. Check it out here and do a HUGE favor and subscribe on Apple Podcasts. You can listen wherever you want but we all know the Apple/Itunes ratings are what matter right??? Thank you so much in advance!

If you are looking for recorded Virtual Classes they will be under the Workouts and Challenges tab on the main menu with their own page. As they accumulate it will become a nice little page of workouts and videos to check out.

Thank you to everyone who did the VirtualWOD today. If you didn’t be sure to check one out. Over 30 people in 2 classes today!

Tomorrow we will try our 7am option, as well as the same 12pm and 6pm. Depending on response we will keep things going or adjust times, but VirtualWODs are here to stay!

Check out today’s mobility movement of the day (Stacey’s doing it in the picture). Lot’s of couch and general sitting, so we got the Couch Stretch! Can be done anytime, anywhere you have a wall or a couch/chair. If it’s too intense doing it full boat like Stacey try putting your hands down to the floor or a block or object in front of the stretching leg.

If you have access to equipment and want to keep strength up on your own, here’s the programming we would have had:

Strength: Bench Press

  • Perform 7 SDLHP heaviest able after each set

CORE WOD: 10 Rounds
10s ME Hollow Rocks
10s Rest

right into 100 Flutter Kicks

WOD (w KB/DB) : 15m AMRAP
20 Walking Lunges (w or w/o weight)
Run 300m/Row 300m*
20 Situps
Farmer’s Carry 200m, 100m each hand
(can do OH carry for added difficulty)

WOD: No Equipment: 15m AMRAP
20 Walking Lunges
Run 300m*
20 Situps
20 Broad Jumps

*If you don’t have the ability to run, either from injury or your setup, you do 2:00 of Burpees here!