Thursday 4.23

We got a new Challenge in the Challenge! 500 Lunges by Sunday. Get it done for +5 points!

Also here’s a fun little video of a hang out stretch you can do to prep for squats and shoulder movements or just to feel better/pass the time.

Lastly, give Getting Woked a listen. Then subscribe, follow, all that good stuff. We appreciate all the support!

STRENGTH: Bench Press

  • If you have a pull-up bar do 5 strict/weighted pull-ups after each set. If you don’t have a pull-up bar do some sort of row.


Core Work: 4m AMRAP
20 Lemons
20 Flutter Kicks
20 Plank Push-ups
20 Dbl Mountain Climbers
– rest 1 min THEN
15 Straight Leg Up downs
15 Hollow Rocks
10 Straight Arm Plank Knee to Elbow (each side)

WOD: Tabata Bodyweight Mania!
6 Rounds Each Movement, 20s work 10s break
Up Downs
Jumping Squats
V Ups

Extra Work
1. 100 Push-ups, 80 Lunges, 60 Bicycle Situps, 40 Flutter Kicks (each side), 20 Windshield