Thursday 4.30 : Cheating Adds Up!

Just a quick little study in range of motion and work performed when talking about the squat.

So let’s assume someone who does the Lando programming that I write for us and approximate 2x a week squatting.

Let’s say that person’s squat is about 18″ to go from standing upright to hip crease below the knee. Therefore if they short their depth to just above parallel like some or maybe many people do and that is 3″ short for a 15″ squat..and that is just one direction! So for each FULL REP we are talking 6″ shorted compared to the full range of motion that is being called for.

Still with me? Good because I’m not.

Now taking that 2x a week squat programming and work that out over a year, let’s go with 42 weeks assuming 10 weeks a person doesn’t participate for one reason or another.

Each time they squat let’s go with 8 sets of 3 reps on average for 24 reps per session for the sake of this study. That means 48 reps per week.

48 reps per week with a FULL range of motion for this person would be 48 reps done at 18″ down and 18″ up, so 36″ total moving the weight for 48 reps. That is 1,728 inches. For the person shorting their rep by 3″ we have 30″ traveled for 1,440 inches traveled. A difference of 288 inches between the person doing the full ROM and the person cheating their reps.

We do that out over a year of 42 weeks and that is a WHOPPING 12,096 inches less the short ROMer does compared to the full ROMer, with the totals being 60,480 inches to 72,576 inches, respectively.

That is a shit ton, I mean a SHIT TON of work missed out on that is being programmed and the time being put in to do but not being done. We might think 3″ is not really anything when we are shorting our squat for those reps. But over time it adds up. BIGTIME.

How much really?

Well the short ROMer squats 5040 feet per year…almost a friggin mile. So yeah, still a lot, but the full ROMer squats 6,048 feet, or about 800 feet MORE than a mile per year.

That means if you short your squats 3″ every rep you are missing out on almost 800 FEET OF SQUATS you are supposed to be doing.

Still wonder why you aren’t getting as strong as you think you should be? Or as strong as your friend doing the same programming?

Thank about your range of motion, the work you are doing each and every time you train. It really adds up!

3 Bench Press
8 Sumo DL High Pull w KB

Core Work: 2 Rounds, 60s each round 30s rest, AMRAP
Inch Worm Out
1 Push-up
2 Shoulder Tap (1/1)
4 Knee to Elbow (2/2)
Inch Worm In

THEN 2 Rounds, 90s work 30s rest, AMRAP
5 Single Leg Bridge Up (R)
5 Leg Lifts (R)
5 Single Leg Bridge Up (L)
5 Leg Lifts (L)

1 Push-up
2 Dbl Mountain Climber
4 Single Mountain Climber (2/2)
5 Hollow Rocks
10 Flutter Kicks (each side)

WOD w/equipment: 5m AMRAP
10 Sumo DL High Pull
10 Russian KB Swings
10 Goblet Squat
– REST 1:00 then 5m AMRAP
10 Side Hip Raises (5/5)
10 Donkey Kick Side Hops
10 STOH (5/5)

W/o equipment : 5m AMRAP
10 Supermans
10 Lunges
10 Jumping Squat
– REST 1:00 then 5m AMRAP
10 Side Hip Raises (5/5)
10 Donkey Kick Side Hops
10 Squat Knee Thrust (5/5)

Extra Work
1. 50 Back Rack Lunges 185/135