Thursday 4.9 : What is Programmed is Done For a Reason, So You Should Do It!

This is one of those times where it seems like I am writing to a specific person or people. I can assure you I am not. I certainly get ideas in my head from real life situations often, and I also can say if you feel ever, now included, like I’m writing directly to you and it’s not something you want to hear, well maybe it’s precisely what you SHOULD hear.

This coronavirus shit sucks. It sucks hard, and bad. It’s week whatever (not a lot) of whatever (maybe a lot), we have no idea, and things are starting to get too normal. I say too normal because we all know we are living through anything but normal right now, but we have all started to coalesce into some sense of a regular day to day routine. That might be very relative, like myself for example and not spending 745a-3p every day M-F teaching at Somerville HS. But I have settled into a normal that is as normal as it will get.

On the flip side a lot of us have a lot of shit that is totally not normal and never will be until things go back to ….normal. Our favorite everything is closed. Coffee shop for the commute to work is either closed (Starbucks) or really weird (stand outside after calling order in and no cash accepted). If you are even going into work it’s all weird. Even something like enjoying a rare open park area or nice walk down the sidewalk is marred by people with masks, bought or homemade, making everyone look like they might rob you. (not knocking anyone who wears masks, just some playful banter here in a not too playful world these days).

Want to know something that is normal? You being able to come to this website right here,, and find workouts to do. What is normal is you can do these workouts every single day without hurting yourself. As in you can follow exactly what I program from start to finish and you will not end up hurt due to an overuse injury. This is because part of all of our normal is I have done the work to learn how to put workouts together that not only make us fit but also keep us safe.

This is the part where some people might begin thinking to themselves “shit how does he know??”. I promise you this blog is not about you. Unless you’re so vain, then I bet you think this blog is about you (about you, about you…).

(It’s from a song, like it’s a joke. Stop freaking out, and listen to the song).

I love seeing people who are part of our community doing workouts they wrote, or doing workouts they thought were cool and wanted to do. That’s part of what this all is about, picking and choosing and doing things we want to do. It’s great seeing you all confident enough in your understanding of the science that is workout programming to throw something together, because really the big secret is it’s that easy.

However what is bad, and not normal, is doing workouts that make you have pain, or worse, hurt you. 10 people as of tonight. 10. TEN PEOPLE!!!!! That’s how many people are hurt as has been reported to me. This is either directly from that person or I heard from someone or saw on social media.

This, my friends, is bad.

As in not good.

As in whatever it is you are doing you need to stop. Immediately.

Ladies and gentlemen, what are we doing here? You spend at least an hour, usually more, at a gym nearly every day of the week to help you get more fit, be healthier, and ultimately live longer. Then the moment that isn’t able to happen anymore we start hurting ourselves. It makes as much sense as how you just read it.

It’s like you have a super safe car (are Volvos still the safest these days? Checks notes, yes still the safest.). So you have a family friendly Volvo but one day it just shits the bed, stops working. Done. Dude at the shop says “this thing is F-U-C-K-E-D fuc**ed”. You just got your Corona Check so in the spirit of making bad decisions that have 0 common sense in them decide to rent a Porsce 911 turbo. Problem is that $1200, while a lot to most of us, isn’t even enough to rent that car for 1 hour fully equipped. Nope the Porsche you get is a 2009 911 Cabriolet that has no seat belts and barely there brakes. Still you sign that check over, get in the car, and immediately, I mean literally the second your foot hits the pedal you start to drive as fast as you can right into a Jersey barrier. You promptly fly out of the windshield, the broken glass slicing through the skin of your lower stomach area so bad your intestines start spilling out of you mid air so when you land on the ground and start rolling you literally have a trail of your intestines unraveling behind you for 20+ feet (we all thought our middle school science teachers were lying) until you come to a stop only because the end of your intestines attached to your stomach doesn’t rip off completely and tugs you to a stop where you, still alive, start to bleed out rather quickly because, you know, half your insides are on the road for roughly 30 feet behind you, but this all changes very quickly because what you didn’t realize when you were playing intestine cowboy is the car shot into the air ass over tea kettle somehow making it hundreds of feet in the air but traveling only about 27 feet straight ahead making it so the Porsche, or what is left of it at this point, having been traveling at 110 mph when you crashed it, somehow apexed at about 385 feet and came down directly on top of your mangled, intestine-less body, the force literally exploding your limbs clear off your torso and popping your head right off your neck, with the only thing saving anyone passing by from seeing such a gruesome scene being the fact that the Porsche exploded on impact and every ounce of gasoline in it’s race car gas tank incinerated everything under and around the car nearly instantly.

In other words, make it your goal to come back to the gym in May the best you have felt physically, but from a structural standpoint, then you can ever remember. You might feel a bit soft, you might suck wind for a few days/weeks. But think about those knees, wrists, ankles, shoulders, back, neck, whatever it may be feeling better than ever the next time you hit that barbell.

If you are doing the LandoFit 2020 Challenge, and most likely you are given our signup numbers, be sure to check periodically for new blog posts and challenge announcements.

We have a good challenge for this week. Like last week it’s to be completed by Sunday at 8pm and can be broken up into any amount you want. The total challenge is Run 7 Miles. If you are so inclined to get this done by Sunday you get +5 points. If you want a special LandoFit 2020 prize then try all 7 miles in one sitting and submit your time. The fastest 7 miles wins!

Again you don’t need to do all 7 to get the +5 points. You can run 1.5 miles a day starting today and make it (I think the math works there).

Make like Forrest and get running!!!!!


Strength: Press

THEN perform EMOM 6m : 3 Push Press

Core Work: For Time
50 Situps
50 Straight Arm Plank Single Leg Raise (25/25)
50 Seated Press
50 Plank Knees to Elbows
50 Side Plank Raise (25/25/)

WOD (all): 6 Rounds
1:00 AMRAP Burpee – Lunge Complex
– Rest 30s
THEN 3m AMRAP Jump Feet to Hands
– Every break perform 3 V-Ups/Lemons

Extra Work
1. 50 DB Bent Over Row, at least 55/35, 25 each side, then 50 DB Snatch

2. 3 Rounds AFAP
12 Burpees
8 Burpee to Stand
4 Push-ups
12 KB Swing
8 Goblet Squat
4 KB Deadlift
Hold Forearm Plank for ME up to 90s
– rest 3:00