Thursday 5.14 : Getting Woked Episodes 15-16

I know Thursday tends to be a lighter day for many people. Maybe it’s the same at work especially with the monotony that is quarantine life.

If so I have a great idea for a way to get some laughs and some education all in a sub 60 minute sitting. Getting Woked is a podcast that I host along with my permanent featured guest Coach Stacey. Now if you take a look you will see we have done 16 episodes to date and it’s been an amazing learning experience to now. We are improving by the day, though the early episodes have some great nuggets as well. Given the podcast started with the original intent being blasted to hell which was to have almost weekly special guests taken from our membership and/or local entrepreneurs, we have pivoted nicely I must say so myself.

Each journey with us involves talk about local happenings, lots of COVID talk for the time being including or mainly my take on all of this, some forays into current events, always some health and fitness talk, entrepreneurial advice and experiences, and some solid attempts at humor especially from Coach Stacey. We also get into our personal lives, mainly our pasts before Lando, and I will say is very fun to be part of both ways so should be a blast for you to hear.

You are all the best as always. Thank you for supporting things like this for those of you who have. Those who haven’t, what are you waiting for?! Next time you sit and want 15-30 minutes of something to do, this is that thing. Let’s get into the weekend strong! Podcast can be heard here or many places from the main page of this site.

Plus you got one of the people on it, featured guest Stacey Kroon, who can bring heat like this from the mound:

Quarantine has nothing on Stacey learning the fine art of the outside, 2-seam fastball.

Strength: EMOM 10m
3 Bench Press, medium-heavy
7 Sumo DL High Pull, barbell

Core: 3 Rounds, 3:30/1:00r
20 Bicycle Situps
20 Knees to Elbow
10 Hollow Rocks
20 Knees to Shoulder

WOD w/equipment (w/o in parentheses): EMOM 5m
10 KB Swings, overhead (12 Hollow Rocks)
5-10 Burpees
– Pick a number you can keep for all 5 minutes
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (12 Sea Turtles)
5-10 Jumping Lunges (each side)
– Pick a number you can keep all 5 minutes
5 Thrusters, each side (10 Jumping Squats)
5-10 Jumping Squat + Up Down
– Pick a number you can keep all 5 minutes

Extra Work
1. EMOM 8m : 3 Squat Snatch
right into EMOM 5m: 5 Deadlift (fast)

2. For Quality
50 Push-ups
50 Good Morning (if you have weight no heavier than 45#)
100 Flutter Kicks (total)
50 Push-ups