Thursday 5.7 : Challenge Announcement

Hey you challengers. You thought you were just getting some change off your membership charge for winning? Well guess what?! Thanks to our wonderful member Sara Melikian who donated this the winner is ALSO getting the exact Fitbit you see pictured. The Fitbit Charge 3. Bigtime baby!

Keep getting those challenge numbers in! The challenge for this week is posted in the Challenge page. Get after it!

Here’s a little diddy for you to try at home as well. You can try either version many different ways, such as 1m on 1m off for 5 rounds, or a 5 min AMRAP, or complete 10-20 full cycles AFAP. Or come up with a time domain you like and let us know!

Strength: High Bar Back Squat
Then EMOM 10m : 1 Squat Clean and Jerk

Core Work: 10m AMRAP
5 Bridge Ups (each leg)
10 Sea Turtle
5 Bridge Leg Raises (each leg)
10 Swimming Superman (each side)
15 Straight Leg Raises
5 Up Downs

WOD (w/o equipment written in parentheses)
5:00 : Run, Row, Bike, Jump Rope
4:00 : KB Swings, full OH (5 Squat + 5 Push-ups)
3:00 : Double Mountain Climbers
2:00 : 2m Shuffles
1:00 : Burpees

Extra Work
1. Push Press 5×3
2. 5×10 (each arm) floor press with DB + 5×10 Row (any) + 100 Push-ups