Thursday 8.12

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I will argue to the day I die that Velvet Revolver could have been the greatest rock band ever if they had not failed. They only released 2 albums but all were absolute kick you in the crotch fist smashers. I mean it was Guns n Roses minus the idiot Axl Rose and a few others (but it had Slash and Duff) but with Scott Weiland as the front man. Maybe the best front man ever. Too bad he loved the needle so much.

You cannot tell me this video isn’t absolute rock n roll at its finest. Just pure sex, opulence, over the top ridiculousness. Imagine being in this video shoot? Holy shit.

It has Slash absolutely tearing a solo a new asshole. Scott Weiland at his absolute best. And it’s shot at what looks like the coolest bar of all time. I just can’t imagine being this awesome in life/at an instrument that you get to do this for a living and make more money than probably me and half the people reading this combined. (Slash made $110 million with Guns n Roses tour last year, so, yeah).

I mean lets be honest. Every god damn VR video makes me want to quit everything and somehow become a rock star. Just need to restart those guitar lessons…

Velvet Revolver is the greatest band to release 2 albums ever. I mean Guns and Roses got into the Rock Hall of Fame with really only 3 albums. VR coulda been close. Imagine if they stayed together? Fu*k me. I would pay $1000 US currency to see them live, which could never even happen on a reunion tour because Scott Weiland is dead may he RIPIP (surprisingly not from the needle).

You get to Rx+ this workout if you watch the video in full, but only that way. Even if you do L1 you get to mark Rx+. Yes there will be a quiz.

BTW, I have Rx+ this about 13 times during the writing of this blog.


Strength: Deadlift

WOD: 8m amrap
Buy in: 30 Overhead Squats 115/75
then AMRAP
8 Bar Facing Burpees
8 Air Squats

The AMRAP is meant to be a SPRINT once the STOH is done.

S: Front Squat 75/55
L1: 95/65
Rx+: 135/95 + watched entire “Slither” video.

Extra Work
1. 5x Row 500m, rest 1:1

2. Immediately after last row perform 30 Wall Ball 20/14

VirtualWOD: Click here for WOD