Tuesday 12.8: Yoga!

A local resident hosts OUTDOOR yoga classes down at the Navy Yard all through the winter. It’s right next to the Anchor bar and they give everyone who attends hot drinks to make it through. Julianna Lenehan teaches the classes and might even one day teach a class at the gym if there is interest. Class is Wednesday at 5pm.

Feel free to check it out!

Strength: Overhead Squat
3-3-3-3-3, taken from floor (snatch or clean and jerk)

WOD: 120 Wall Ball 20/14
– EMOM perform 2 Clean and Jerk 135/95 

S: 100 Wall Ball, 75/55
L1: 4 Burpees, 95/65
Rx+: 150 WB, 185/135

Extra Work
1. Snatch Pull
EMOM 10m: 2 reps, 120% 1rm snatch

2. 7m AMRAP
Strict HSPU

3 Rounds
40 Double Mountain Climbers
30 Toe Touches
20 Side Plank Hip Raises (each side)

WOD: 150 Jumping Lunges
– EMOM 5 Burpees