Tuesday 4.21

I always say I have the best coaches in the world here at CrossFit Lando. And lo and behold! Coach Jen takes the 100 push-up challenge for the LandoFit 2020 weekly challenge. She banged out 100 push-ups in under 4:00. That is some impressive junk there ladies and gents!

Great job Jen!

If you are signed up for the Challenge keep going! We are going to extend it for a few weeks as long as we need to until we are fully open.

Speaking of open, we have some ideas percolating to get some workouts together even if the official quarantine isn’t lifted fully May 1. Details to come!

STRENGTH: 1 Hang Clean + 2 Split Jerk
EMOM 10m : 1 Complex

Core Work: 2 Rounds, 1:00 each movement
Hollow Rocks
Alt. Supermans
Double Mount. Climbers
– Rest

WOD W/Equipment: 6 Rounds
30s OH Hold, Left Arm
30s ME STOH, Left Arm
30s OH Hold, Right Arm
30s ME STOH, Right Arm
30s Jumping Squats
– REST 30s

WOD W/o Equipment: 6 Rounds
30s Straight Arm Plank Hold
30s Push-ups
30s Split Squats, left side
30s Split Squats, right side
30s Jumping Lunges

Extra Work
1. 5 Rounds
1 Min ME Barbell Bent Over Row (sub DB if needed but Dbl if able)
1 Min ME Deadlift, top 50% only (waist to knees)…weight should be able to be UB
1 Min ME Push-Ups
– Rest as needed to be able to do as UB as possible for each movement/min or at least close to first round pace.

  • Sub Supermans and Good Mornings if you don’t have equipment