Tuesday 5.19

Strength: Push Press + Thruster
5 x 3 + 1

Core : For Quality
30s Forearm Plank
30s Hollow Rocks
rest 30s
30s Side Plank Hold (each side)
rest 30s
30s Forearm Plank
30s Hollow Hold
rest 30s
30s Side Plank Hip Raises (each side)
Rest 30s
30s Straight Arm Plank Around The World
30s Straight Leg Raoises
rest 30s
30s Plank Rotations
30s Plank Rotations with Push-up

WOD w/equipment: 3 Rounds, each round 5:00/1:00r
Run 400m
30 Shoulder to OH, 15/15 (30 Push-ups)
AMRAP Walking Lunges

Round 2
AMRAP Up Downs

Round 3
+ 30 Swimmer Superman, then AMRAP Burpees

Extra Work
1. 3×1:00 Back Rack Hold, 90% 1rm Back Squat
2. 50 Weighted Straight Arm Plank Pull Through (see part of video where Stacey is using weight)