Tuesday 5.26

Strength: Thruster
EMOM 6m: 3 Thruster, from rack
then EMOM 6m: 1 Squat Clean Thruster

Core Work: For Quality
20s V-Ups, then 40s Forearm Plank
rest 30s
20s Dead Bugs, then 40s Hollow Hold
rest 30s
20s Plank Push-ups, then 40s Seated Upright Hold
Rest 30s
– then 2 Rounds
1:00 Forearm Plank
30s Side Plank
30s Side Plank
– then 1x for Quality
30s Plank Hydrants
30s Double Mountain Climbers
30s Hollow Rocks

WOD w/equipment: 3 Rounds, each round 5:00 work with 1:00 rest
Run 200m (30s out 30s back)
100m Farmer’s Carry/30s out and 30s back (20 Push-ups)
100′ Plank Walks (done in 10 sets of 5′ down and back)
then AMRAP with remaining time
Round 1: Up downs
Round 2: Jumping Squat + Jumping Lunge
Round 3: Burpees

Extra Work

1. Push Press 3-3-3 then Push Jerk 2-2-2

2. 12m For Quality
5-10 Banded Bicep Curlts
8-12 Banded Tricep Pulldowns
5-10 Banded Pull Aparts, straight arms