Tuesday 8.18

Thought/Question: Can your favorite song by your favorite band/artist of all time not be your favorite song of all time?

My thought? Yes, this existential question can have an answer of yes. I think it comes from your favorite all time artist(s) you invest more into ALL their material, certainly have some favorites and jams, but then we all have songs that just hit us certain ways that become our all time favs.

Can you name an all time top 10? Not necessarily 10 favorite songs ever but 10 songs if you heard them on the radio/spotify you would shoot someone if they tried to chance it.

Honestly, the song below might be my all time favorite song. Judge me, I care not. Such a 90s video too.

Strength: Squat Clean Thruster

30 Thrusters 95/65
30 Deadlift

S: 20 Reps, 65/45
L1: 75/55
Rx+: 115/75

Extra Work
1. Deadlift : 3-3-3-3-3, heavy
2. EMOM 5m: 10 KB Thrusters, heaviest able
rest 5 full min then
EMOM 5m: 12 KB Swings 70/53

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