Wednesday 12.2

Strength: Power Clean
Find a 1rm, EMOM 10m

WOD: For Time
30 Hang Clean and Jerk 95/65
Run 800m
30 Power Snatch

S: 20 75/55, Run 400m
L1: 75/55, Run 600m
Rx+: 115/75

Extra Work
1. Front Squat
Find a 1rm, 8/10 intensity, in 15m

then 40 Front Squat @ 70% of above max (from rack)
– E2M perform 5 Handstand Push-ups

3 Rounds
10s Hollow Hold
10s Hollow Rocks
10s V Ups
10s Double Mountain Climbers
10s Supermans
10s Straight Leg Raises
60s Forearm Plank Hold
Rest 1:00

30 KB Swings (OH) or Weighted Ground to OH
20 Weighted/Plate Getups or Weighted Situps
Run 800m/4:00 other cardio
20 Weighted Getups/Situps
30 KB Swings/GTOH