Wednesday 4.1: Wall Sit Challenge

We have our first #challenge of the #LandoFit2020.

Video your longest attempt. Give us a chance to see it (more on that later). Winner gets 10% off next membership bill. #WHAMMY!

This is also part of your first #completiongoal for the challenge. Accumulate 20:00 by the end of Sunday and you get points points points!!!


Strength: Deadlift

Core WOD: 5 Minutes to complete
50 Air Squats
40 Knees to Elbow (each side)
30 Bicycle Situps, each side
20 Burpees
– then AMRAP Russian Twists
then perform 50 Straight Leg Raises + 30 Lemons (30 Lemons)

WOD (w/equipment): 12m AMRAP
7 Lunge Pos. Thruster (right side)
7 Lunge Pos Thruster (left side)
14 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
14 Broad Jumps

WOD (no equipment): 12m AMRAP…if you can grab ANYTHING to use for weight at the home
14 Goblet Step Back Lunge (7/7)
14 Single Leg RDL (7/7)
14 Single Leg Hip Thrusts (7/7)
14 Broad jumps