Wednesday 4.15 : Helping You Stay Woked

Take a listen to Stacey and I on Episode 11 of the Podcast Getting Woked right here. We talk about a lot of things while the episode includes a member spotlight interview with Lily Heil. longtime Lando member, long time Crossfitter, and even longer time Charlestown resident. Please give it a listen. Then please subscribe to all those podcast hosts like Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, Google, all the big ones.

I very much appreciate your support of the podcast. This is an endeavor we are doing completely on our own with no experience but I am learning every day. New features, segments, and improved content and quality will keep coming until it’s a podcast of all podcasts taking over the world, Pinky and the Brain style.

LandoFit 2020 Challenge : Update

Congratulations to our man Eli for crushing 7 miles in one cool loop at, ya know, a pace I would pass out at after 1 mile. He wins the special Challenge Challenge and 10% off his next membership. Great work Eli!

The Challenge Challenge for this week is about GETTING HUGE. I mean HAYUUUUUUGE.

Challenge: 500 Push-ups from now (Tuesday night) to Sunday night @ 8:00pm. Workout push-ups don’t count.

The extra Challenge Challenge, dare I say the Challenge Challenge Challenge??????? is 100 push-ups for time. As always we need video evidence. The winner of course gets 10% off their next membership charge.

Let’s get after it!!!


STRENGTH: Front Squat
3-3-3-3-3-3, last rep do with 3s pause in bottom

Core Work: 5 Rounds, each round 2:00
10 Pike Side to Side Hops
10 Plank Push-ups
20 Flutter Kicks
20 Situps
10 Jumping Lunges (each)
10 Up Downs

W/Equipment: 15m AMRAP
Start with 20 Burpees (1 time buy in) then with remaining time
– Every 3:00 run 200m*

*if you don’t have a good measurement just run for 30s then turn around and run 30s back. Sub 1:00 paced Burpeed or Broad Jumps

No Equipment: 15m AMRAP
20 Burpees, then AMRAP
10 Side Lunges
10 Up Down
10 Sea Turtle
– E3m Run 200m. Same scales above apply.

Extra Work
1. 12m AMRAP for Quality

2. 50 Walking Lunges, 50% BW front rack