Wednesday 4.29 : A Little Morning Wake Up

Try this anytime you need a little pick up and loosening up…waking up in the AM, break from work/studying, warmup for a workout!

STRENGTH: Thruster
3-3-3-2-2-2, taken from floor, do not squat clean thruster first rep.

Core Work: Tabata Core, 4 Rounds each movement
Russian Twists
V Ups
Side Plank (L)
Side Plank (R)
Straight Arm Plank Leg Swing
Atl Plank Arm/Leg Raises

WOD w/equipment: 100 Single Arm Thruster (50/50)
– EMOM 8 Jumping Lunges (4/4)

WOD w/o equipment: 100 Burpees
– EMOM 8 Jumping Lunges (4/4)

Extra Work
1. 10m AMRAP
3 Wall Climbs
3 Deadlift, heaviest able UB entire time double overhand

2. 100 Hollow Rocks, 100 Supermans, 100 Situps, 100 BW Good Mornings