Wednesday 7.15

Strength: Clean Complex
1 Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean

  • Done E90s for 6 sets after warmup

WOD: 3 Rounds, each element 1:00
Walking Lunges
Row (Calories)
KB Swings 53/35 (full OH)
Goblet Squat

S: 35/26 eye high swings
L1: 35/26 full OH swings
Rx+: 70/53

Extra Work
1. EMOM 6m: Hang Snatch + OHS
1 Hang Snatch (any) + 1 Overhead Squat
– THEN IMMEDIATELY at Minute 7 start:
1-10 UB Handstand Push-ups*
then AMRAP Push-ups with remaining time

*Kipping is allowed and encouraged. Must be same number for all sets or else you will burst into flames….OR move onto next part

2. Barbell Good Morning
3-3-3-3-3, done with 3111 Tempo*

  • Note on tempo lifting: 3111 is actually 4 separate digits that correspond to parts of a lift. Every lift has 4 parts, the eccentric (down of squat for example) bottom (self explanatory) the concentric (the up of said squat, and the top (similar to bottom).

    So 3111 means 3 seconds for the eccentric or down part of the lift. Then 1 second in the down or bent over part. Make it a full “1 thousand 1” count, then 1 second on the concentric or up which just means explosive, normal tempo for that lift. There will never be anything but “1” (sometimes written as “X”) for this part of any lift because the explosive part of all lifts should be performed that way always. Think about it, you would never do the stand of a squat intentionally slow, right? Then lastly the top, in this case standing upright, is a 1 count so you give that truly 1 second then back into the 3 second first part again for the next rep.

    BAM tempo lifting.


Click here for VirtualWOD 7/15/2020

Each element = 1:00 AMRAP
2 Rounds
Inch Work + Push-up
V-Up + Lemon
Hand Release Push-ups
Straight Arm Plank Side Steps (2×2)
Straight Arm Plank Jumping Jacks
2 Rounds
Back Lunge Knee Drive Hop, L
Back Lunge Knee Drive Hop, R
Single Leg RDL, L
Single Leg RDL, R
2 Rounds
High Jumps
Plank Push-ups
Baby Squats
Shoulder Taps
High Knees